Mid-Texas Symphony Guild

The Mid-Texas Symphony Guild was founded as part of the Mid-Texas Symphony Society in 1978 by Anita Windecker, who was then a professor of Music at Texas Lutheran College. The objective of the MTS Society is to bring orchestral music to the Seguin and New Braunfels areas by sponsoring the Mid-Texas Symphony Orchestra.

The MTS Guild is the support organization for the orchestra. Although the Guild has its own bylaws and guidelines, it operates under the direction of the MTS Society Board. There are two chapters of the Guild, one in Seguin and one in New Braunfels. Each chapter has its own President and Executive Committee. The Guild is represented on the MTS Society Board by the Vice-President of Guild, who also acts as liaison between the MTS Board and the Guild chapters.

Members of the Guild take an active role in fund-raising, in sponsoring educational programs and in providing hospitality for the orchestra. The Debutante programs are one of most popular guild programs and are highlighted by the presentation of the Debutantes at each chapter’s annual symphony Ball. The New Braunfels chapter also sponsors a very successful Cotillion program. The Guild welcomes new members at any time. Please contact the MTS office for more information.

For information about the upcoming Debutante programs, please contact New Braunfels Debutante Chairman, Wendy McMullen at mtsdebs@gmail.com or Seguin Debutante Chair, Jill Law at mtsdebs@gmail.com. The New Braunfels program accepts area Senior High School girls while the Seguin program is open to Junior and Senior High School girls.

New Braunfels Chapter

New Braunfels Chapter Debutante Program

This Debutante Program is the original and only Deb Program in New Braunfels. It began in 1986 under the direction of Mid-Texas Symphony (MTS) Guild Members. The purpose of the program is to give young ladies and their families an opportunity to participate in the promotion of the Mid-Texas Symphony through direct involvement in the Guild and Society. The Debutantes are formally presented at the annual Mid-Texas Symphony Annual Ball. The Ball is one of the fundraising projects of the Guild and all proceeds are given to the Mid-Texas Symphony Society to support the orchestra.

Incoming high school Senior girls who either reside or attend high school in Comal County are eligible to apply for this program. Applications are generally available in March/April, and attending a mandatory information session in the spring is required. The selection process happens in April/May. The fee to the Mid-Texas Symphony Guild may be decreased by $150 per year for a parent who either chairs a Guild committee for a year, and/or completes three service projects on three different committees each year. This service must be done in either one or both of the two years immediately prior to their daughter’s Debutante season. The parent, however, must join the Guild by the summer deadline each prior season, and must complete all service projects before the application deadline.

The final decision regarding each applicant’s participation is made by the Guild chapter. It is a selective process, with space limitations, and the Guild is often not able to accept all applicants. The fee includes membership in the Guild for one parent, as well as the Deb’s Ball ticket. For those selected, the year will begin with a Mother-Daughter Tea in the late spring or early summer, and will include educational workshops on topics such as etiquette, communication methods, social behavior, dancing, poise, fine dining and more. The Debs also help usher at symphonies, participate in fundraising activities, and of course attend and are presented at the Symphony Ball in February or March. The program normally concludes in April.

For more information, please email your name, phone number, email address, and the name of the school you attend to Debutante Chairperson at nbmtsdebs@gmail.com.


New Braunfels Chapter Escort / Stag Program

Each Debutante is escorted at the MTS Symphony Annual Ball by a young man. The Escorts may be invited to participate by the Deb, or a young man may sign up as a Stag, knowing they might be paired with a Debutante if needed. Both Escorts and Stags participate in a full program, which begins in the early summer. They attend many of the same educational workshops through the year with the Debs, help usher at symphonies, help with fundraising activities, attend the Ball in February/March. This program normally concludes in April. The fee includes membership in the Guild for one parent, as well as the Escort’s Ball ticket.

If you know a young man who will be a Junior or a Senior in high school, who lives in Comal County, and might want to be considered to serve as an Escort or a Stag in this program, you may reach out the Debutante Chairman at nbmtsdebs@gmail.com.


New Braunfels Chapter Cotillion Program

This is the “original cotillion” program in New Braunfels, and it also is an educational, as well as philanthropic program. Our Guild started this program as a fundraiser for the Mid-Texas Symphony (MTS) Society in mid-1990s and then really got it off the ground in the mid-2000s. It is for both girls and boys in the 8th-10th grades. Sessions include lessons on poise, chivalry, personality assessments, business etiquette, interview skills, communication styles and etiquette, dining etiquette, leadership, technology etiquette, dress codes, and introductions to the Waltz, Two-Step, and Swing dancing.

The Cotillion registration fee includes one parent’s Guild membership, and the student’s ticket to attend one MTS concert and the annual MTS Symphony Ball and Debutante Presentation. Students must follow the required dress code to participate. Enrollment is limited! Often there is at least one Cotillion Session each summer, followed by one or two more sessions during the school year. If you would like more information, please contact the Cotillion Chairperson at mtscotillion@gmail.com.


NOTE: Additional tickets to the MTS concerts, and the annual MTS Ball, are available to purchase for parents and guests.